Who I am and Why I am here.

This is my first assignment for Blogging 101/Zero to Hero. And of course I am late with it. So who am I? A procrastinator for one. A creative who is always pushing up to the deadline and rushing through things.

I am many things and this blog will have many things. My interests are multi faceted, so I can’t imagine having a blog that sticks to just one thing. Sometimes I will post about writing, because I am a blossoming writer. Sometimes there will be flash fiction, or something I am working on. Not so much about the process of writing, because I am still figuring that out myself and can’t advise anyone else on it.

My passion are horses. They inhabit such a large part of my life, that they will be making an appearance from time to time. Either as horse care posts, or just random observations on the industry in general.

This is my story. The story of Susan in all of it’s messiness, non linear glory. It is a story of being lost and found, of epic battles and sweeping vistas and mundane detritus of day to day livings. Ok, maybe not epic battles, and not huge sweeping vistas. But you get the idea.

Hopefully blogging will focus me.


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